Experienced AR Callers

Location – Bangalore

Desired Candidate Profile
    Experienced callers with minimum1 to 3 years of experience in Medical Billing.
  • Excellent domain knowledge.
  • Good Analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills (verbal/written).
  • Good comprehension skills.
  • Good typing & keyboard skills.
  • Good computer knowledge.

Job description
  1. Call Insurance Company and obtain claim status / eligibility and benefits.
  2. Follow up with Insurance Companies on status of authorizations.

Coach - Call Quality & Softskills

Location – Bangalore

Desired Candidate Profile
    Candidates with 4-5 years of experience in:
  • US Accent & Soft Skills Training.
  • Call monitoring.

Job description
  1. Conduct training for all new employees w.r.t call handling skills & soft skills.
  2. Conduct quality review of the calls (monitor calls) made by all agents, existing or new, including calls to Clients.
  3. Participate in client calls / interface with clients (if required).
  4. Monitor emails from all employees to ensure proper grammar and email etiquette.
  5. Monitor chat interactions (wherever necessary).
  6. Record the performance.
  7. Provide feedback to the agents and the Supervisors.
  8. Identify areas of improvement.
  9. Mentor, facilitate and/or conduct training for existing employees w.r.t call handling skills, soft skills (especially listening skills) or any other skills required to do the job assigned.

Solutions Architect

Location – Bangalore

Desired Candidate Profile
  • Minimum 12+ years of work experience.
  • You carry US Healthcare-IT experience is an added advantage.
  • Possess a bachelor's degree in Engineering / Technology.
  • Certifications in key technology skills are a plus.

Job description

The Solution Architect provides Scrum Teams with technical leadership and has ownership of ensuring enterprise architecture patterns are practiced and adhered to. While actively working with Scrum Teams, the Solution Architect is responsible for creating, maintaining and developing application solutions and contributes in the requirements, design, coding/unit-testing, code reviews and implementation. The Solution Architect will promote and leverage suitable & modern technologies, design patterns and best practices to build quality, high-performing and scalable systems. The Solution Architect will also be required to carry out other duties, projects, or activities as specified by their management.

  • Plan and design the structure of a technology solution for existing Products.
  • Communicate system requirements to software development teams.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate software or hardware and suggest integration methods.
  • Oversee assigned programs (e.g. conduct code review) and provide guidance to team members.
  • Assist with solving technical problems when they arise.
  • Ensure the implementation of agreed architecture and infrastructure.
  • Address technical concerns, ideas and suggestions.
  • Monitor systems to ensure they meet both user needs and business goals.

Core Competencies
  • Have crystal-clear, concise and effective communication skills.
  • Possess very strong OOPS Skills.
  • Have the ability to think objectively and offer technical (and techno-functional) recommendations that are on-par with current technology trends, best practices and system design principles.
  • Be highly skilled in the concepts of Data Structures.
  • Have the ability to multi-task between Design, Core Development, DevOps and People Management activities.
  • Possess proven credentials of architecting and designing enterprise class applications, preferably in the Product Development space.
  • Possess Proven credentials in full life-cycle implementation of at least two products from conceptualization to deployment.
  • Have the ability to work in a matrix organization, building relationships across the enterprise.

Platform Skills
  • Should be a professional with a minimum of 12 years' hands-on development experience on the Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Should be well-versed in Agile development methodologies.
  • Should have considerable experience in working across the .NET Framework spectrum (at least up to 4.6.0).
  • Consider yourself a superlative C# 7.0 programmer.
  • Consider yourself a high value application/product development professional with skills in/exposure to the following skills:

  • Architecting and Solutioning:
  • Ability to conceive, architect, design and recommend approaches backed with assets such as architecture diagrams, system flow diagrams, etc., using tools viz., Visio.
  • Ability to perceive short-comings in existing legacy systems and recommend risk-mitigating solutions, work-arounds and better approaches.
  • Experience in working with Application performance, Speed, Concurrent Load Handling, Error and Exception Handling, Logging, System and Application Security, Risks, Threats

  • Design Architecture:
  • Exposed to standard SoA
  • Exposed to Microservices architecture with proven hands-on experience in at least one full-life-cycle implementation, either On-Premise or in the Cloud

  • Protocols and Architecture:
  • A wide variety of experience with Microsoft ASP.NET WEB APIs
  • Exposure to RESTful APIs is a plus

  • Design Patterns:
  • Well-versed with MVC, MVVM, MVP and other architectural patterns
  • Design Patterns viz., Factory, Abstract Factory, Unit of Work, Singleton, Decorator, Prototype, Builder, Observer, and others

  • Security:
  • Microsoft Security and Cryptography Library
  • Any exposure to other Third-party/open source Security and Cryptography Libraries such as OpenSSL, Bouncy Castle, etc.
  • Knowledge of SSL/TLS

  • Backend/Data:
  • Oracle 11G or Higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 R2 or Higher
  • Proven ability in designing an enterprise class database
  • Knowledge of Different types of Index, Performance improvement approaches for MS SQL Server and Oracle

  • DevOps:
  • CI/CD using Jenkins to create pipelines for Build
  • Experience using Octopus Deploy for deployments
  • Any other DevOps tool such as GitLab-CI, Jenkins, GIT, SPLUNK, etc.
  • Cloud/On-Premise Containers viz., Docker

  • Testing Tools:
  • Exposure to tools viz., NUnit and mocking frameworks like RhinoMocks, Moq
  • Experience using Octopus Deploy for deployments
  • Exposure to guide testing team on Load, Performance and Stress tests.

  • Other Tools/Approaches:
  • Strong javascript framework skills, specifically AngularJS, JQuery, Knockout.
  • Wide experience in working with different design approaches - Data First, Code First, Model First approaches.
  • Application Logging such as Log4Net, etc.
  • Extremely well-versed with LINQ, Lambda expressions, Extension Methods to Collections and Generics.
  • Object-Relational Mapping frameworks - NHibernate, Microsoft Entity Framework, LINQ, etc.
  • Any of the following Message Broker technologies and tools such as Redis, Azure Service Bus (in the cloud), SignalR, IBM WebSphere-MQ, JMS, etc. is a plus.
  • Exposure to Cloud PaaS, MBaaS is a plus.

Leadership Skills
  • Have the ability to manage, guide, direct and work with large medium to large technical and techno-functional teams, especially in the US healthcare vertical.
  • Are assertive and at the same time, empathetical.
  • Consider yourself as being a role-model for others with lesser experience and exposure.
  • Are a very good listener and you consider solutions/ideas offered by others sportively.
  • Are not afraid of failure and can start all over again.

Information Security Analyst

Location – Bangalore

Desired Candidate Profile
  • Candidates with 5-8 years of expereince.
  • Should have experience of Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Penetration Testing of infrastructure and applications.
  • Should have understanding of infrastructure technologies i.e. SIEM, DLP, Malware Protection, IDS/IPS, Wireless, DMZ, Firewall, Windows Servers, Linux Servers and Cisco Devices.
  • Should have understanding of all the known security mechanism like authentication, authorization, logging, cryptography, etc. and associated threats.
  • Preferred Certifications: CISSP / CEH / GMON or any other equivalent certification.
  • Experience in configuring Layer 2/3 Switches.
  • Hands on experience in networking, routing and switching (Cisco , Juniper etc.,).
  • Experience presenting to technical audiences.
  • Advanced level of understanding of UNIX/ Linux and Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • Candidate should be able to write best practice guides for securing and hardening systems and network devices.
  • Strong understanding of computer networking technologies, architectures and protocols.
  • Advanced level of understanding of routed and switched network.
  • Proficient with various tools used in information security (open source and commercial).
  • Expert level understanding of IDS and IPS (open source and commercial).
  • Demonstrable skills in Security devices configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Ability to analyze technical risks and provide remediation steps.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Process-oriented with high attention to detail.
  • Understanding of HIPAA would be an advantage.

Job description
  1. Configure, document, and maintain various security devices (firewalls, proxy servers, email gateways, Host IDS, Network IDS, IPS, VPN, AAA devices, DNS servers, Assessment and monitoring tools).
  2. Examine existing infrastructure and identify weaknesses and propose remediation.
  3. Perform regular assessments of the environment and its applications to document any risks.
  4. Perform mitigation activities based on the risks identified at network and server level.
  5. Assess organization s applications to identify and verify common application security vulnerabilities.
  6. Utilize commercial and open source application assessment tools.
  7. Ensure adherence to information security policies and standards.
  8. Provide technical leadership for security strategy.
  9. Maintain an in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, concepts and procedures.
  10. Work as a mentor to Information security engineers and analysts.
  11. Assist in Audit, policy management, patch management and incident management activities.